LS Lowry Prints From Easyart


With LS Lowry now showing at Tate Britain, Easyart is delighted to offer a new collection of paintings and drawings published in partnership with The Lowry in Salford. This latest addition brings the total number of Lowry prints available at Easyart to 110 – the largest collection currently available online. LS Lowry is arguably one of the most popular British painters of the 20th Century. Famed for capturing classic industrial scenes, Lowry’s distinctive style is widely recognised and celebrated.

The introduction of prints from The Lowry in Salford gives a great new offering to Lowry fans, explains Easyart’s Head of Business Development, Ian Barham: ‘Lowry is one of the most-loved British artists of our time, so we are delighted to offer the largest collection of his work available online. We hope that all Lowry fans will find in this range a print which they love and can hang in their homes to admire every day.’

Going To Work, 1959


Market Scene

Man Lying On A Wall

Yachts at Lytham

Oldfield Road Dwellings

Each piece is available as an art print, on canvas or as customisable framed art. They are all available in a variety of sizes and all start from £19.95.