Meet... Arhinarmah London

Arhinarmah, the new luxury lifestyle brand was established late last year by Catherine Arhin. Specialising in soft furnishings and homewares with an African influence, Arhinarmah collections are easy to spot - bright and abstract colour combinations and luxurious fabrics.

ofori collection (group)

Initially launching with a collection of distinctive handmade cushions, the range now includes coordinating lampshades and bespoke furniture.

Catherine's passion for her pieces and collections is obvious when you speak to her, and she hopes this comes across to customers. "When someone looks at an Arhinarmah piece I want them to see quality and the workmanship that goes into each piece, using traditional methods of craftsmanship and joinery, and giving customers a little taste of Africa".

Jamestown Chaise


Arhinarmah Jamestown Lampshade

Though the brand name 'Arhinarmah' hails from Ghana (a combination of Catherine's surname and that of her much admired and beloved Grandfather, Joseph C. Armah) the London based company is committed to supporting the manufacturing industry in the UK, so all pieces are handmade or manufactured here.

With one foot firmly on each continent, the name of each piece is significant. "Each of my collections resonate with me on an emotional level, so my pieces are linked to either towns or cities in my homeland Ghana, like the Jamestown and Accra collections... The designs take on the characteristics of the places or people from which their named after. Take the Ashanti cushion with its majestic red and gold print reflects the stature and royalty of Ghana's tribe of the same name".

Empire cushion (single)

So maybe the next time you're looking for something a little different, beautiful and full of colour - you'll know where to look.