Meet... Something Studio


One of the secrets to a good looking home, is one that’s filled with personality and full of items that show off what the homeowner loves. As a certifiable TV and movie addict, discovering Something Studio has made me very happy indeed. My walls are about to get much more interesting.

Mad Men

Eternal Sunshine

Having previously worked for super brands including Mercedes, Nokia and New Era - Paul Cooper is the illustrator, animator and graphic designer man behind these posters, which show off his talent and appreciation of popular culture.

Black Swan

DirtyDancing_something studio

Using print and digital media, Paul takes inspiration from iconic TV shows, films, sports and puts his distinctive spin on them, creating these conversation starting pieces.

Great subjects, accessibly priced with a contemporary edge get a big yes from me.

A bespoke/commission service is available - visit Something Studio for details and prices.

Images courtesy of Peachy PR.