Mellow yellow: Archive inspirations from the V and A

Have you ever visited the V&A's online collection? This brilliant website archives over 1 million objects from the London-based museum, holding images of everything from textiles to ceramics to stained glass. It's totally free to use, so wherever you live you can browse their amazing collection of objects and become your own museum curator. It's also the perfect place to go hunting for ideas and inspiration! Today I thought we'd have a look at some objects from the collections with a focus on the colour yellow. It's always been a popular shade for interior decoration, bringing a touch of summer sunshine indoors.

This vibrant yellow bowl looks utterly contemporary, but it's actually it's an 18th century porcelain wine cup from China.

Yellow chinese bowl from the V&A archives

An earthenware plate from Delft in the Netherlands, was made between 1750-75, but the contrast of yellow and blue and the charming drawings of Chinese-style vases look surprisingly modern. I can see it as a pop of colour in a monochrome kitchen.

1750-75 Plate from Delft, V&A collection

The furnishing fabric below is from 1818, and was printed with an engraved metal roller, a technique still used today. The green dye was brand new at the time, and invented in England.Β  I love the palm-tree inspired motifs.

Antique furnishing fabric from V&A

The V&A have plenty of historically important pieces, like this William Morris design named 'Sunflower'.

William Morris yellow wallpaper from the V&A

It's nice to see how colour survives throughout the centuries. This border tile is from Afghanistan and is over 350 years old, but it still glows a beautiful bright yellow.

Afghanistan 17th century border tile from V&A

Last but not least, what era do you think this delicate lemon yellow wallpaper is from?

Joanna 50s wallpaper from V&A

It's actually a wittily retro design from the 1950s - a nursery wallpaper called 'Joanna' and designed by Christine Risley.

Why not have a poke around the V&A archives some time and see what you come up with?