Metal garden sculpture by Michael Kusz

Graculus bird sculpture by Michael Kusz Michael Kusz is a Yorkshire based sculptor who creates his sculptures using recycled materials.  His pieces range from quirky constructions to cast bronze sculptures, from butterflies to dragons and from small to life-size dimensions.

Bolton Rooks sculpture by Michael Kusz

The quirky birds are my favourite, especially the first picture (above) which has an air of Professor Yaffle about it.  Now I'm showing my age, but if you remember Bagpuss then you'll know what I'm talking about!

Boiler broiler sculpture by Graculus Sculptures

Michael predominantly works with copper because it has such fabulous qualities.  It can be bent, bashed, stretched, shrunk, shaped and cast.  In fact he can do almost anything with it.

Duck sculpture by Michael Kusz

Michael also loves the colour properties of copper.  It can take up to 90 years outside for it to turn from a bright shiny copper colour to verdigris green so depending on where the material has come from he can create some fantastic pieces with really interesting colour textures.

King of the Castle sculpture by Michael Kusz

Michael is often commissioned to make larger pieces but he also makes and sells pieces that are smaller and readily available, like these "Love Bats"...

Love bat by Michael Kusz

Here's some more of Michael's commissioned work.  The Herons I think would look quite realistic next to a large informal pond...

Heron sculpture by Michael Kusz

Heron by Graculus sculptures

Bird sculptures by Michael Kusz

If you're interested to learn more about Michael and to see more pictures of his work, these can be found on the Graculus Sculptures website.



Images: Graculus Sculptures