Mid-Century Furniture from New Online Furniture Company Galapagos

It seems we all can't get enough of MidCentury Modern and vintage influenced design, and of course we all love environmentally sensitive products so we were delighted to discover Galapagos Design.  They take great pieces of original post-war furniture from the 1950’s, 60s and 70’s, and upcycle them to bring them in line with tastes of today. And don't they look great?

Galapagos Beck Chair

British fabric designers and fabrics made in the UK are used whenever possible and they also use local Surrey craftsmen for all restoration and upholstery work.  By transforming vintage furniture this way, they are not using new natural resources like timber, and they avoid using additional fuel in manufacturing and shipping processes, whilst bringing economic benefits to a local area.

Galapagos Genovesa Chairs

"The name Galapagos was chosen as it ties in with the idea of survival of the fittest furniture, and because the Galapagos Islands are full of amazing, exotic species that have evolved and adapted over time, just like our furniture!"