Mini Moderns Launch Darjeeling wallpaper


We are thrilled to share with you Mini Moderns new Darjeeling wallpaper collection. The result is a design that coordinates with and reflects the themes of their  'Buddha of Suburbia' collection, whilst maintaining a stand-alone appeal. It's a kaleidoscope of cultural and design influences. The talented duo behind the brand, Keith and Mark explain: "We wanted to capture the 70s vibe of the wallpaper we'd see in our friends' houses when we were growing up. Those patterns tapped into the 1970s fascination with all things Eastern, which is exactly the mood we're revisiting with the 'Buddha of Suburbia' collection."

This fabulous design is available in 5 gorgeous colourways:  Chalkhill Blue, Concrete, Mustard, Harvest Orange and Lido. We love them all!