Minimalist or Traditional?

When decorating a house, a lot of people in the contemporary world opt for a more minimalist approach. Lavishness has made way for a form of design that renounces all kinds of non-essential forms, structures and concepts. Heavily influenced by traditional Japanese design and aesthetic, this kind of dΓ©cor is heavily reliant on light and the relationship between line and plane. The point is to get rid of the indulgent nature of design and to strip it back to the bare essentials, basing the design on its functionality rather than just on aesthetic merit.

As a design movement this idea is certainly interesting but in reality this minimalist approach to design can face some problems. Sure, an intellectual movement designing furniture and rooms based on their purpose solely is something that can appeal to anybody with a Zen sensibility, but for this writer, minimalist rooms can be uncomfortable and feel distinctly lacking in character. Sitting on a simple chair, with wooden floors, white walls and bright lights can leave me ill at ease rather than comfortable and relaxed, which is not what I desire from a living area.

Fashion for Home offer a wide variety of minimalist furniture as well as a beautifully chic range. For example, this retro feel chair. The designer Logan Komorowski has an interesting aesthetic which blends minimalist themes with traditional shapes and ideas. This enables his work to look modern and up to date whilst still retaining the rustic, warm feel that people like me enjoy. The chair is made from reclaimed antique boat wood which is then stained to give the chair a vintage feeling. Not only is the design beautiful, but it is made from completely sustainable materials, being recycled from old trading boats hailing from South China.

The interesting thing about this chair is its mix of traditional and minimalist themes. It has a minimalist feel, being just a simple chair. It wouldn't look out of place at a Buddhist monastery. Yet there is a warm feeling that radiates from the chair. It would look great in a room that is decorated with lots of stained woods, or in a farmhouse. The chair itself looks slightly uncomfortable but fear not as there is an indent on the seat that cradles you as you sit to create a more comfortable seating arrangement.