Nathalie Lete


Parisian based artist Nathalie Lete weaves together a magical blend of folk art, toys, flowers, forest creatures in her work. Combined with an obvious love of colour she has a distinctive artistic voice that translates across many different fields. Working across techniques including illustration,  grapic design,pottery, carpets, textile design, and even wall stickers; all have been decorated with her own joyful style.

When I asked about her inspiration in her work you can really get a feel from where she's coming from:

"I'm a patch between my mother from Eastern Europe (my Grandma was from Bavaria of Czech origin) and my Chinese father; in this way I mix flowers and birds in a Chinese spirit, and motifs from folk art that I love"

I've been slowly collecting her plates from Anthropologie: I understood the folk art part but never figured the Chinese connection! The fusion of the two seems obvious now!

This autumn Domestic added Nathalie to their roster of artists. Her work for them includes the darkly wonderful Foret wallpaper and two set of  wall stickers featuring her hand painted forest creatures. 

Wall stickers seemed to have a sudden rise and sink in popularity but I would recommend you look at Domestic's range. Well as Nathalie they have work by Brits Rob Ryan and Jon Burgerman and for folk lovers Klaus Haapaniemi has created some fantastic pieces. Its well worth a look through!

For Nathalie's work keep an eye out on the Anthropologie site; new plates and unique pieces will be added in the spring.

Screen prints, prints and ceramics can also be found at another favourite shop of mine knitting emporium Loop in Camden Passage.

Have a lovely weekend. Hopefully I'll be having another lazy breakfast a la Nathalie!