New vase ranges from LSA International - Inza and Mezzo

INZA-24CM-PURPLE-LSA-International For spring 2012, glass designer LSA International has brought out two new beautiful collections - Inza and Mezzo.  Both are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home.

Today's blog post starts with their hand-made and mouth-blown Inza range, which is inspired by the contrasting textures of silk and chiffon.

LSA International - Inza Vases

The vases are available in four lustre and four complementary powder shades, including royal purple, aqua blue, chocolate brown and amazon green.

LSA International - Inza Vases

They work beautifully individually or grouped together.  You could pair the lustre and powder versions of the same colour together or mix and match the colours.

LSA International - Inza Vases


The second collection is called Mezzo.  It's inspired by the catwalk and features two-tone colours which seamlessly blend to create an ombre effect.

LSA International - Mezzo

The two colour combinations in the range are lime/turquoise and rose/violet.

The lime and turquoise melt into each other creating a look reminiscent of a shimmering sea, whilst the rose and violet echo the colours of a perfect summer bouquet.

They're available in a range of sizes, with the vase on the top right below also being perfect as a storm lantern.

LSA International - Mezzo

Being a bit of a purple fan, my favourite design is the initial image in today's blog post.

What's your favourite?

(Images : LSA International)