Night Night daylight - kids lamps

It’s a common feature across the land that Nursery and Children’s rooms include a night-light.  As any parent will tell you night-lights are invaluable when it comes to getting little ones to sleep and staying asleep.  A little reassuring pool of comfort and a keen weapon in keeping monsters at bay. There is now more choice than ever for kids (and parents) looking for ways to decorate their rooms in their own unique style. One of my favourite companies is White Rabbit England which has two product ranges that melt the hearts of many would be parents.  Their design classic of the White Rabbit has been added to with a cat, dog and owl.  Equally lovely is their hand-painted ceramic fairy toadstool range.

Another great and quirky company is Lapin & Me. I’ve been slightly obsessed by their Baby Lapin Lamp for some time now. It’s a really fun addition to a nursery and seems to appeal to design conscious mums.

If kitsch is your style (or maybe you’ve got a Bambi obsessed child) then the below retro-style Bambi lamp will bring lots of fun into a kids rooms. Or maybe even Lapin & Me’s Kitty Lamp.

Boys have often been over looked in the decorative lighting stakes but thankfully its slowly changing.  Lego have introduced an LED Brick night light to their collection and the Bull Terrier lightfrom mydeco has a boy friendly appeal or my pick the Offi Dachshund Pet Lamp