Northlight Homestore Dishcloth Subscription

We're always on the lookout for unique gift ideas here at Heart Home, so when we saw this dishcloth subscription offer over at Northlight Homestore we just jumped on it. Nothlight Design Dishcloth Subscription 1

For the friend who has absolutely everything, you can order a fresh dishcloth to be delivered to their door every month so that they can think of you while they're doing the washing up!

Nothlight Design Dishcloth Subscription 2

The cloth designs are all fun and charming from Swedish Designers and will be seasonally appropriate.  They are made of plant fibre and can be freshened up in the dishwasher and discarded on the compost heap when they need to be replaced.

Nothlight Design Dishcloth Subscription

We love designs that brighten up those boring chores!