Norwegian Wood


If there's one trend that's going to be everywhere this winter, in interiors and fashion, it's Scandanavian style. From knitted homely jumpers with giant snowflakes, reindeer patterns on furnishings and now, how about this new range of beautifully atmospheric Scandanavian inspired wall decals from Surface View? The featured picture below is so striking - it  has an electric quality and is perfect for those that love nature and want to bring it indoors; you can have a wild wild wood in your living room!

Surface View_wandertrees_charcoal

And if you're not too superstitious, how about this beautiful magpie image - so pretty. It's such a shame that some people seem to think that magpies are unlucky, as they look so beautiful despite their rather odd behaviour. This picture  has more of a softer, spring feel to it, and I love the spiral yellow and white blooms that provide the backdrop

And for a very contemporary and slightly more clinical atmosphere the wonderful mosaic design would be great for a kitchen or dining area. The forest is pixellated to look like it is made up of tiles.