Ombre Living

It's spring time, and much like anyone else, I am just excited to see pops of colour everywhere. Fashion trends I find, tend to find their way into interiors.  Ain't nothing wrong with that as long as its done right.

I guess that's mainly because the way a home is styled is a reflection of the  personal style of its owner.

Ombre Living Room

One of such trends is what I like to call The Ombre Effect. It is indeed a lovely way to incorporate the colours of Spring into your home.

There are a number of ways to use Ombre in the home, from furniture to ornaments and curtains and walls.

Ombre Furniture: This has become quite popular especially among D.I.Y enthusiasts. It is a creative way to reclaim old and revamp existing furniture.

Ombre Dresser

If you are not D.I.Y inclined and would  love some ombre furniture, stores like Designers Guild and Anthropologie are great places to go this season.

Designer's Guild Square Sofa

Anthropologie Windsor Love Seat

Walls, Ceilings and Banisters: Unlike furniture, this is a semi permanent way to incorporate ombre to a space. Mostly involving the use of paint to create the desired shades.

Ombre bathroom walls

Ombre Ceiling

                                                                                                    Ombre Banister/ stairwell



The wonderful thing about the use of paint, is the option to repaint or gloss over with a different colour when you want a new look.

Ornaments and Accessories: My personal favourite especially at this time of the year. Accessories are very practical ways to incorporate shaded pops of colour within different spaces at home. From lampshades, to wall art, trays and vases, the options are limitless. Plus they can be adapted to suit whatever style of decor that is already in place.

By Poppy with Love Stag Head Wall Art

BlueBellGray Ombre Cushion

Ombre II

Ombre tray by Holly Casto, Charm and Gumption

There you have it, ways to add ombre to your home.