Online Colour Inspiration Sites: 4 of the best

If you're looking for colour inspiration, where do you go? Magazines are always a tried-and-tested way of getting ideas, and you can browse paint palettes and look at shop displays to find new combinations. But if you don't want to leave the comfort of your laptop screen, there are now loads of really great sites online that highlight exciting colour ideas.

Here's 4 of my favourites:

Color Collective

This inspirational site takes a huge variety of images and pulls out the key colours in each one. The photos range from fashion, to art, to interiors, even to food photography, and it's a great way to kick-start your colour thinking process.

Color collective - Rebecca Newport

Design Seeds

This site was founded by colour consultant Jessica Colaluca. As with Color Collective it puts together inspiring palettes from photographs, but usefully each individual colour is labelled with a hex number (hover over each shade to see it). You can then import that number directly into Photoshop or any other design programme.

Another very useful aspect of Design Seeds is that you can click on a colour and see all the other palettes it's been included in.


One of the original colour sites on the web, this is a huge community of people who create and share palettes and discuss trends.  There's an almost overwhelming amound of content, with palettes from different design worlds including fashion, craft, interiors, and business.

Live palette from the COLOURlovers blog

Wear Color

This one's a bit of a wildcard, but I love this blog that collects images of men and women wearing colour in everyday life. The Tumblr format is perfect for browsing images and seeing what catches your eye.

Do you have any favourite online inspiration sources for colour?