Outdoor playhouses by The Playhouse Company

Child's cottage by The Playhouse Company I came across these playhouses for children and thought they were much more preferable to have in the garden than something made of plastic.

I had a Wendy House when I was little which was more like a tent than a house, but my sister and I spent hours playing in there.  If my memory serves me well, we even had roll down windows so it felt like a house to us!

Cottage playhouse by The playhouse company

These playhouses are hand made by The Playhouse Company, each slightly different depending on the children it is being made for.  They do offer an "off the shelf" range, but predominantly their products are designed specifically for the families who will enjoy them.

Magical turret by The Playhouse Company

The Playhouse Company was set up by Richard Frost who became frustrated when he and his wife tried to buy a playhouse for their children.  Most of the products on the market looked more like sheds than houses for children so he made his first for their family and the business grew from there.

Playhouse with dormer windows by The Playhouse Company

Over the years they have made over 1500 playhouses, all in different styles and colours.

Garden playhouse by The Playhouse Company

Garden cottage by The Playhouse Company

raised wooden play house with surrounding decking by The Playhouse Company

Do go and have a look at The Playhouse Company website where you'll find many different styles...I'm sure your children will find one they'd love to have.



Images: The Playhouse Company