Pargy Hearts...Lapin and Me

Well this is my very first Christmas related post so far this year (as I don't like to start too early!), and I absolutely have to mention a firm favourite shopping haunt of mine. These Frivolously French and Uber-kitsch items from Lapin and Me are tres Jolie! It's a great stop for charming French stocking fillers, inspiring deco books and a must shop destination for the lover of paperie!

 If like me you love cute and vibrant designs that have a bit of a vintage vibe, then you will find this colourful online store a veritable Aladdin’s' cave! I've been coming here for here for years to buy Christmas presents for me and mine. It's a guaranteed success if you have teenage girls or children to buy for - you can scrub out most of the names in your Christmas shopping list in one go!

I particularly love the store's range of kitsch rabbit cushions and so I've given you a few pics of my fave ones! Whilst they are so full-on that they might not be everyone's cup of tea, they are most certainly mine! (wee hint to any of my friends or family reading this).

And after buying pressies for everyone else, you could always treat yourself to one of the signature Lapin and Me lamps - this vintage image is what inspired the shop's name in the first place, and I think it is one of the most original table lamps on the market!

Lapin and Me Lamp