Plain sailing with nautical inspiration

As I live by the sea I find that I am readily inspired by maritime and coastal references. It seems though, that this year so are many other designers and makers. If you look back on past years you’ll probably notice that “nautical” is a habitually popular style that returns year on year. This year it seems to be capitalizing on its colourway, red white and blue rather than its last incarnation which was more shabby chic.  As Michaela pointed out in her post here the catwalk has also been packed with seafaring references. So if the romantic pull of the sea has grabbed you or you’re longing for those idyllic summers on the beach this could be the look for you. It’s also so easy to add just a few references in accessories; from Sainsbury to Mini Moderns there are items in every price bracket out there.  A word to the wise though be mindful not to create a themed home as it can end up looking contrived. Product source 1, 2, 3, 4

I think the John Lewis bunting (1) above would look fantastic in a child's bedroom with Mini Moderns Whitby wallpaper (4) in washed denim

Product source 1, 2, 3, 4

Every home can find a space for the gorgeous 7202 Ship's well glass light by Davey Lighting.