Plant and Moss

companion stools on stairs

James Plant & James Moss formed their design practice in 2009 after graduating from University. Handmade in Great Britain, they are a design duo who enjoy creating products of high quality with character & charm. Their first collection was made using a range of time honoured skills with modern techniques. They produce their work only in small batches, creating designs that add individuality and eccentricity back into British homes.

An example is the bench with 2 backs, based on a traditional use of steam bent and curved wood. Their furniture and lighting pieces have a style that lends to industrial chic such as a table lamp using a wood clamp or Block Bench and Block Stool, are inspired by a butchers chopping block, they are weighty and robust as their name suggests. Made in pine it embraces the large natural grain pattern of this timber, smoothed edges give it a homely feel.

With a love of craftsmanship, materials, and using old ideas imaginatively, a uniquely British style, view more at