Popcorny prints

PopCorny is a little screen printing company hand making an explosion of colourful and humorous limited edition artworks.  I met with Katie to talk about her prints and the ideas behind them.
scares you
Based in Brighton but having grown up in the far east, PopCorny artist Katie Mac was strongly influenced by the packaging graphics and character brands from her childhood. With a big emphasis on lovely colour combinations, sometimes with a hazy retro feel but mixed with a very contemporary idea.
pear tree
There's often a little slogan or a tongue in cheek message (see the popular "Bossy Series", including"No Smalltalk Before Breakfast", "Please Keep Fidgeting to a Minimum" "No Random Note Whistling* *Recognised Tunes Only"... designed to be hung on the wall in a carefully selected location, to deter slightly annoying loved-ones and make your life just that little bit peaceful!
Then there's the helpful "Front Door Checklist" print to stop you leaving the house without your important bits and pieces, and the uplifting "Pleasing Clichés and Cheesy Big-ups".
Pleasing cliches, popcorny
I have one of her prints above my kitchen sink "no small talk before breakfast" which I love to remind anyone that happens to be in my vicinity first thing in the morning.
They give a plain room a bit of fun and serve as friendly little reminders that are different to "keep calm and carry on" which is getting a little tiresome.
PopCorny sells her prints from her online Etsy store  but occasionally you can catch her with a selection of stock at an art/craft fair in London or Brighton.
Popcorny summer, Brighton
All the latest news can be found on her blog: www.popcorny.com