Pots n' Pans

John Lewis House Casserole

A decent cooking vessel will earn its keep in a busy kitchen. If you purchase wisely and care for it well, it could last you for decades. Many of my childhood suppers were cooked in an oval Le Creuset casserole (in volcanic orange if you're wondering). It was used constantly for what must have been the best part of 30 years. There is something very satisfying about cooking up something in a big pot - casseroles, pasta, risotto, soups, curries or stewed fruit - it's great to feed a crowd or a hungry few. Below is my pick of pots, pans and baking vessels; many  can go from stove to oven and each and every one of them is attractive enough to bring straight to the table along. Need inspiration as to what to cook up in your pot? Then check out these wonderful recipe links too. John Lewis House Casserole

left: House Casserole, 3L - John Lewis, £25.00

right: Preserved Rhubarb - Yummy Supper

Ikea Casserole

left: One Pot Orecchiette Pasta - Minimalist Baker

right: Senior Casserole - Ikea, £30.00

muurla casserole

left: Muurla Flower Enamel Casserole - Amazon, £34.95

right: Roasted Cauliflower, Sage & Almond Risotto - Donna Hay

Heals Falcon Bakeware

left: Broiled Apricots & Cherries with Ricotta & Thyme - Dash & Bella

right: Falcon Enamelware Bake Set - Heals, £65.00

Sainsbury's casserole

left: Cook's Collection Copper Triply Stockpot, 24cm - Sainsbury's, £65.00

right: White Pizza Quinoa Casserole - Edible Perspective

John Lewis Le Creuset

left: Red Lentils & Spinach in Masala Sauce - Naturally Ella

right: Le Creuset Limited Edition Coquelle Casserole - John Lewis, £195.00