Put Your Plates on a Pedestal

plate rack and chopping boards from the plate rack

Most kitchens force us to hide away our pots, pans and plates behind cupboard doors, but a kitchen can be filled with character when these everyday items are displayed with personality and imagination. The mundane can be given a lease of life, making the ordinaryextraordinary.

mighty plate rack from the plate rack Mix it up and display your vintage teacups along with decorative details collected from a holiday or add pops of colour by displaying tins of tomatoes along with your saucepans.

plate rack and chopping boards from the plate rack Curate your kitchen using forgotten china or precious mementos and breathe some personality into your space. Get your stuff out of the cupboards and on display.

plate rack and antlers from the plate rack The plate rack provides a simple backdrop for a kitchen shrine, they come in three different sizes and work well with absolutely any style. They can even be custom sprayed to match your colour scheme.

plate rack colourful from the plate rack