Quirky Products for the Diamond Jubilee

original_loyal Sub t towel visual

If you live in the UK, you can’t have failed to notice that the country has been swamped by a sea of red, white and blue. Yes, the Jubilee weekend is finally here, and designers, shops and brands have all been seized with monarchy madness. You might be experiencing royal fatigue by now, as everything from pizza to travelcards has been given a Jubilee makeover. But in the spirit of the festivities, here are a few of the quirkier products available. Corgis are a popular theme, but this necklace takes it one step further, giving you an x-ray in wood of the Queen's favorite dog. Buy it on Etsy here from Brighton-based jewellers DesignosaurYEAH.


For a more historical perspective consider this purse which is inspired by vintage coinage. The nation's longest-reigning monarch is revealed in profile on the front - Victoria, rather than Elizabeth. Our current Maj still has 3 years to go before she beats that record. You can cheer her on by purchasing this leather accessory from the V&A shop.

Will you be lining the Thames for the Jubilee pageant? You need something suitably patriotic to wave, and what could be better than this tea-towel from Twisted Twee. Look closely at the drop shadow and you'll see little silhouettes of the Queen and her beloved corgis. And when it's all over and the flags have been taken down, it'll be perfect for drying your commemorative crockery. Get it here at notonthehighstreet.com.

Had enough? If you just can’t stomach any more mentions of the Queen, you’d better arm yourself with this Jubilee sick-bag from Lydia Leith (you may remember a similar product she produced for the royal wedding). In regal red or bunting blue, each one is hand screen-printed. Buy it from Lydia's shop here.