Rainbow Bright for your Home

Everywhere you look at the moment seems to scream full on intense colour. Flick through any fashion or interiors magazine and you’ll see page after page of strong vibrant hues. Yes, Vogue highlighted a pastel trend but the shops and the majority of magazines seem to be championing the bright stuff. I can understand why, it’s so optimistic and feels modern. It also works really well with all those grey walls that everyone painted in the last two years. The latest issue of HeartHome Magazine showcases Tina Bernstein’s home bursting with colour. Tina Berstein's home by James Balston

Photo source James Balston

Tina surrounded herself with colour that would never fail to inspire her and it’s seen through out the property. If you are a little more cautious there are lots of home products available that offer the hit of high octane colour without having to over commit. You might want to consider Sonya Winner's After Matisse Rug or maybe a feature wallpaper of the new designs by Mini Moderns (Paisley Crescent) or Graham & Brown (Fabulous by Julian MacDonald). My advice though is go bright and go bold. Sonya Winner after Matisse Rug

Mini Moderns Paisley Crescent

Graham & Brown Julian MacDonald Fabulous Strip

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