Raise Rainforest Awareness for the chance to win a sustainably sourced oak table

There’s nothing quite like the splendour of wooden furniture. Whether your home is beautifully traditional, or fantastically modern, wooden furniture has the unique ability to suit almost any décor. Oak Furniture UK

With this in mind however, it is also important to realise that the wood that we take for our furniture comes from real locations, in real forests around the planet.

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These forests are not only important for the wildlife and people that live in or near them, but also for the general health of the planet, as trees really are the front-line in the battle against air pollution and global warming.

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Although many companies now only trade in materials from sustainable forests, unfortunately, illegal logging does continue to be a major problem.


For your chance to help raise awareness and potentially win the above sustainably sourced Solid Oak Lamp Table or a £50 Voucher, simply fill in this survey.

Oak Furniture UK is one of many companies who are working to raise awareness of rainforest degradation and it is proud to supply its customers with materials only from sustainable sources.