Recycle Your Old Windows and Create Unique Home Decorations

When investing in new windows, you may be wondering what happens to your old ones. There is a growing trend amongst interior designers and generally creative home owners, and that regards using your old windows to create decorations you can use in your home. And if you’re still looking for the perfect replacement windows, why not visit Anglian Home and other companies, who can also give you help when thinking about preserving your old windows. We’ve been investigating this unusual trend to come up with some inventive ways in which you can transform your old windows into something you are proud to display in your home, and a lot of them are easier than you may think!


The photo frame

Old window frames make great, unusual photo frames, due mainly to the shape of them. Multiple panel frames are perfect for displaying lots of photos, especially for a big family. Single panels are ideal for enlarging your favourite photos, and giving them a rustic, antique feel. A good tip is to print your photos in black and white to add to this effect. They also make lovely, personal presents for family members – grandma is guaranteed to love it, in particular.

The pin board

Another good use for old window frames is a distinctive take on the traditional cork board. Attach a window frame to a cork board covered in your favourite fabric for a personal and special twist on a useful family organiser. Your kids will also love getting involved in making it look like a family scrapbook, if this is something you’d prefer.

Kara Rosenlund

The mirror

Perfect for any elegant boudoir, why not transform your old window into a mirror? You could sand down the wood and paint it (if applicable) to add to the antique effect, which would fit into a vintage room just right. This can be a little bit more tricky than the other options, so you could always take your frame to a mirror specialist store, who will no doubt be happy to advice you on your project. They may even be able to do it for you.

The modern artwork

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a creative type, using your old window frame as the focus point of a piece of artwork could be just the thing to make your old window even more interesting. The possibilities are pretty much endless too, depending on your skills and time, of course. Some of the best ideas we found on the web to get you thinking and inspired include; creating unique name frames (a lovely gift for new babies), a display for pressed flowers or just simply by vamping them up a bit and using them as they come.

Swedish Design House

The display shelf

Window frames with wider panels make ideal, unusual display shelves. Some of the best things to display can include jewellery, pretty china, flowers and other trinkets. If your frame has a window ledge, take advantage of this and use it to continue your theme. You could display small items on it, and it also serves as a great place to store keys if kept near your home’s entrance.

Images: 1. Granit 2. Kara Rosenlund 3. Swedish Design House