Red Space

Image 1

Red has been on my mind, the warmth and comfort it brings to a space. I went to A Russian Tea Room this week and it was painted all red, with gold frames for the art... warm.

I visited Tate Modern recently and walked into the collection Energy and Process on the 4th floor. There is an installation by Abraham Cruzvillegas of painted red card, all random sizes and attached to the wall, unframed.


These red painted cards were arranged in a corner of the gallery, so you had to walk toward it. It pulled you into it. And there you stand looking at the way a red square can be arranged.

They were fitted together in no particular pattern but the overall effect fitted and filled the corner, you would search for a regular recurring repeat. But there wasn't a repeat, but the effect was beautiful, the colour, satisfying.

It is worth a visit to see it and be pulled into it's magic. And I shall go back to the Russian Tea Room and take some pictures. Yes, I have visited some red spaces this week.