Robots, Saints and (Extra)ordinary People.

Horace Panter Robot

A bit of an Art post today! "Robots, Saints and (Extra)ordinary People" is an exhibition starting today at the Strand Gallery in London. It showcases the work of Horace Panter - otherwise known as the Gentleman Horace from famous ska band The Specials. I thought I'd share some of his wonderful robots with you today (an original Xmas present for difficult-to-buy-for Dads, brothers, etc)

The above robot has a bit of a Pop Art meets Henri Rousseau Vibe. Panter paints most of his large works in acrylics, but he also makes silkscreen pictures - the  colours have a fantastic vibrancy and luminosity. I spoke to him recently and he explained how he loves iconography and outsider Art. Naivety and playfulness are usually present in  his works.

This is much more Transforma than Robbie the Robot - a great picture for the 80's geek, gadgetmeister or tekkie. All Horace's robots are painted with a beach/ seascape as a backdrop, which I think gives them a really unique quality! He paints most of his subjects in an iconographic way, and the robots are no exception.

Not sure if it's my imagination or not, but there seems to be something rather petulant and mischievous about this little yellow robot. Actually many of Horace's pictures do have a playfully rebellious nature to them, a bit like The Gentleman Horace himself! If you'd like to read my interview with Horace Panter and see some other pictures that will be featuring at the Strand Gallery, then please, by all means, feel free to have a perusal over at Pargy!