Rococo Furniture from “The Furniture Market”

The Rococo style evolved from the baroque artistic period in the late 17th century. As opposed to the symmetric and imposing style of baroque pieces, Rococo embraces more the cheery, florid and elegant elements in architecture, interior design and art. Recently, Rococo’s curvy style, accompanied by similarly-styled ornaments, has become fashionable again and especially admired when contemporary touches are added. Rococo-Furniture-Market-001

The traditional and natural shapes of Rococo furniture remain, although the colours vary between black, gold and white. For instance, The Furniture Market offers hand painted and hand carved French furniture ranges with white, gold, silver, black and shabby chic finish.

Due to its strengths, only solid mahogany is used for the construction of their antique furniture replicas, as it was done 200 years ago. Those ranges seem to bring back to life the historic values of luxury and glamour shared by the French upper class in the 18th century.

However, in order to create a modern room, the asymmetry of the black French furniture range, for example, is contrasted ideally by symmetric elements in the room and plain colouring of walls, curtains and carpets. It is rather recommended to have one item as the room’s focal point to avoid distracting patterns and vibrant colours. It is possible to combine Rococo pieces with furniture of others periods, but be careful not to overfill the room with too many items.




In contrast, the Chateau French White collection can be matched well with accompanying floral patterns on textiles and tapestry, but can also be combined with pastel coloured, neutral surroundings. The delicacy and playfulness of the Rococo styles makes it perfect for those who love to live the life of a little princess.

Whether if in traditional colours or modern tones, Rococo furniture can add a touch of sophistication and romanticism to each room, and very well might allow the opportunity to share that heroic feeling as once the likes of Louis XV and Louis XVI did.