Shelve it with Ikea

Don't you just love Ikea? As soon as you think they can't possibly design any more products that you need to have, they go and do it again. Ikea wall shelf EKBY JÄRPEN  EKBY GÄLLÖ [1]


We love this new wall shelf! It would look at home in just about any room in the house. It's super easy to install and it's minimalist design ensures the contents take centre stage. What more could you ask? Let's look closer...

Ikea wall shelf EKBY JÄRPEN  EKBY GÄLLÖ [2]

Don't you just love those white brackets?

Ikea RÅGRUND [1]


And there's a good reason why the RÅGRUND has been awarded bathroom series of the year by Swedish magazine Plaza Interiör.  It's made of bamboo and is an ideal storage unit for the smaller bathroom. When the fog evaporates a pretty shelf emerges, and with its height it allows you to store many soft towels and anything else you just have to have in the bathroom.

Ikea RÅGRUND [2]

Photographs: Ragnar Ómarsson for