Small Flower Vases for Big Impact

Do you like flowers as much as we do? Do you think that they should be spread all over the house instead of in one massive bouquet?

chive uk1

If you do, you're not alone, and that is the reason that Chive (established in 2004) are doing so well.  They are an itty bitty flower vase company from Toronto, Canada who are making big waves with 6,000 retailers in the US and they are now jumping over the pond to supply to the UK.

chive uk 2

The vases they design are smaller and non-traditional and the simplicity of them highlights the particular beauty of whatever flower you choose to use.  They cater to both traditional and contemporary tastes and we just know that would look even more beautiful in groups of three or even en masse.

chive uk 3

Shipping is free on UK orders over £50.