Springtime Screenprints from Bold and Noble

gingko screenprint from bold and noble

It's nearly May, time to enjoy the great outdoors and celebrate the springtime. But what can you do if it's raining? It may be good for the flowers and plants, but it's not so fun when you forget your umbrella and get soaked from head to toe. If you'd rather bring the outdoors inside instead, take a peek at the new springtime prints from Bold & Noble.

They've got gingko plants in the perfect shade of spring green::

gingko screenprint from bold and noble

An abstract bird's nest in a muted blue:

Nest screenprint from Bold & Noble

And leaves from British trees printed in dove grey:

British leaves screenprint from bold and noble

These prints are Β£43 each, and I think they'd be a lovely way to update your walls for the spring. Have a look at Bold & Noble's website for more options, including some geometric numbers inspired by the upcoming Olympics in London.