Squint Ribbon

The Ribbon coat rack, by architects and designers VW+BS, is a beautifully crafted object of painted steel that bends and curves as if it has organically grown in to this shape ending in tapered points that serve as coat hooks. A cleverly-placed circular ring is used to tie the arms together and allows for umbrellas to be placed in the middle. Genius! vwbs_Ribbon_coatstand_squint-close-up

A recent collaboration between VW+BS and Squint saw the Ribbon coat rack taken from modernist, pared-back home and plunged into colour and pattern, a trademark of designer Lisa Whatmough from Squint. Adding her usual bright pinks and oranges through vintage fabrics and patterns, the architectural simplicity of Voon Wong and Benson Saw's Ribbon is changed into a limited edition item for homes in need of a punch of colour to their vestibules and entrances.

Squint Ribbon is available now from decodelondon.com and created to order.