Standing to Attention with Present and Correct

Cut Out Number Calendar from Present and Correct Now, as we are very firmly into January now there is no excuse for still recovering from the shock of the new. This year is very almost a month old and it's time to face the music. We all need to pull our faces from out of our hands, where they were buried deep, shake ourselves down and start getting things into order and where better place to start than on your office desk. Get yourselves going with a few star jumps and then settle down attentively with eyes a-sparkling. We're going to start getting the day right by getting the right day. I bring you four calendars from an online shop very dear to my own heart. Present and Correct can absolutely do no wrong in my book, they go from strength-to-strength with their range of products and always have something up their sleeves to tantalise and titillate their fans with. And these four desk calendars are no exception to the rule. I also thoroughly recommend signing up to their fantastic email newsletter and for those of you on Twitter, following them is a must at @presentcorrect. Go fill your world with stationery.

Cube Calendar from Present and Correct

White Calendar Calendar from Present and Correct

Roll calendar from Present and Correct

From top to bottom: Cut Out Numbers Calendar, £18.50 (choose from two colour schemes), 70's perpetual Cube Calendar, £45, 70's German White Tube Calendar, £55 and green 70's German Retro Roll Calendar, £38.50

All images with thanks to Present and Correct