Strictly for birds by Sparrow & Finch

I came across these bird houses and feeders last week and thought how much more stylish they are then the usual bird tables and feeders you see in garden centres.   As well as allowing you to feed the birds, they also provide an opportunity to accessorise your garden in an attractive way.

I love the names of the them too which range from The Berkeley to The Ivy, even the birds can have a salubrious address too!

Each bird house and feeder is individually handmade with cedar roof shingles and most are available in more than one colour finish.

The Harry's Bar hanging bird table (above) is one of the most popular because of it's versatility.  It is designed to attract many types of garden birds including tits, finches, sparrows, robins and blackbirds.

The Berkeley Hotel commissioned Sparrow & Finch to design a bird house for their balcony rooms and this is the finished result.

They wanted the design to reflect the contemporary feel of the Berkeley rooms and I think they look gorgeous in place on the balconies at The Berkeley, don't you?

I personally love the free-standing bird houses and tables.  They're elegant and attractive and would bring a bit of class to any garden.

Someone remarked the other day that all the holly berries seem to have disappeared already and I think the birds have been feasting on them earlier than usual.  So, if the cold winter that we're promised does materialise, our birds will need a bit of help.

Of course the birds aren't really going to care whether they're dining at The Ledbury, but if having an attractive bird house or feeder adds a bit of style to the process then it might just be worth a bit of extra investment.

For details of the full range and other garden accessories, please refer to the Sparrow & Finch website.


(Images: Sparrow & Finch)