Stunning Fairtrade rugs by contemporary illustrators

Node is a non-profit social business, creating beautiful contemporary rugs designed by top designers and illustrators, and made by the Kumbeshwar Technical School in Kathmandu. Node Rug production cutting

The school was set up to offer disadvantaged adults literacy skills as well as giving them a fair wage for weaving the stunning rugs, and profits from the rugs are used to support the school and an orphanage. Made with hand-dyed Tibetan wool, using natural dyes, the rugs are all made by hand.

Set up by author and illustrator Chris Haughton and entrepreneur Akshay Sthapit, Node sell the rugs from theirย websiteย and also from the Design Museum in London.

Rug by Clayton Junior

As well as a range designed by Chris himself, there is also a collection of 18 rugs designed by 18 different designers and illustrators, a fantastically talented and diverse bunch. My favourites are by Jon Klassen, Sanna Annukka and Clayton Junior.

Rug by Sanna Annukka

Rug by Jon Klassen