Stylish garden accessories from Cox & Cox

I'm sure you've noticed that the Christmas catalogues have started to come through the door and included in my bundle on Friday was the Christmas Collection catalogue from Cox & Cox.

I always love their catalogue so I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of the garden accessories they offer.

I just love the heart-shaped metal bird feeder in the picture above which is designed to be hung from a tree and will easily add a bit of style to your garden.

These more permanent features are gorgeous too, especially the outside light which would look fabulous on the back wall of your house, or even outside your shed.

Adding stylish accessories to the garden has the same effect as it does when you add them inside your home.  They not only add interest and detail, but if they are chosen by you then they'll bring a personal touch to your outside space.

Whether it's a garden ornament, piece of sculpture or something more useful such as a lamp or tool hanger, it can only serve to enhance your garden if you like the way it looks!  Full details of each of the products above can be found on the Cox & Cox website.


(Images: Cox & Cox)