Sugar Dandy by Kosta Boda

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I may have been hiding under a rock or perhaps this just passed me by but I stumbled across Kosta Boda and their playful collection 'Sugar Dandy'. Founded in 1742, Kosta is Sweden's oldest glassworks. Glass from Kosta Boda is noted for its artistry, its colour and design idiom like no other. With a lot of humour in the design and a lot of eccentricity, this collection tickled my fancy.

Designed by Γ…sa Jungnelius, who often designs erotic objects, has turned herself to glass objects for Kosta Boda with organic shapes and indulgent characteristics.

kosta boda sugar dandy champagne

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Bohemian as it might be, there is certainly a level of indulgence and decadence, especially when you watch their short film. Serving suggestions not essential.

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