Tea For Two From Toast


Toast's Yaki Teapot I'm no tea-drinker. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that some you out there like it (weirdos) and that I'm most certainly in the minority (except in my family) but tea is all wrong. I could almost consider absconding to the other team under the right circumstances (the end of the world for example) but let's not get too excited here. It ain't gonna happen EXCEPT for this teapot and matching mugs from Toast. If I could easily spend some time very contentedly imagining these lovely pops of colour on my 70s white and grey formica-topped breakfast table so, why wouldn't everyone else? Better still, get them! I can't think of a better way to chase off the clouds and the grey skies of the new year with a cheery breakfast accompanied by this group of sophisticated-disco glazed china crockery with its charming mismatched duo colour combinations. A retro-feel design with a very modern and contemporary choice of colours, this would work with almost any sort of breakfast. I might just fill mine up with strong black coffee instead of tea. Hurrah for breakfast!

Yaki teapot, Β£49 and Yaki mugs, Β£10 each. From their SS12 collection, available in-store and online shortly- keep checking their website! Images from Toast

Toast's Yaki mug in pillarbox red and anthracite Yaki mug in pillarbox red/ anthracite

Toast's Yaki mug in peagreen and blue ...in peagreen and blue

Toast's Yaki mug in slate grey and yellow ...in slate grey and yellow

Toast's Yaki mug in dark turquoise and red ...and in dark turquoise and red