Tea with Sherlock

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Did you see Sherlock last Sunday? (no, not the American film, the BBC three-parter, natch). Something catch your eye? (NO, not dishy Mr Cumberbatch - though he is rather a dream). Think back... tea making scene... something about crockery. There you go! Yes, Sherlock/Benedict C (for in my mind they are one person) was rocking one pretty awesome tea service to entertain lucky villain Moriarty. After five minutes racking my design brain, I had a hunch it might be the work of wonderful designer Ali Miller, whose work I've used in shoots myself in the past thanks to her whimsical, witty designs and the way she doesn't confine her decoration to the outside of vessels, introducing motifs inside cups too (which is great for overhead shots that would otherwise just reveal a sea of white crockery innards). Anyhoo, I had a scooby on her site and found said vessel, then discovered the set is available for us non-dishy-detectives to buy via Rockett St GeorgeΒ for Β£27.50 for a teacup and saucer. According to the Guardian, sales of the design have gone meteoric this week and Ali is currently locked in a room somewhere feverishly producing more sets to keep up with demand, but stay patient - stock levels will hopefully return back to normal in time for Valentine's.


As an aside, I do somewhat like the idea of Sherlock/Benedict C taking time out from crime solving to scour his favourite hip homewares sites in order to find cool enough crockery to impress his arch nemesis. And yes, Moriarty did subsequently get straight back to work on destroying Sherlock's entire existence, but for one brief interlude, there was tea, and all was well.

{Images taken from Rockett St George. Sherlock screengrabs taken from iPlayer}