Technology and The Home: The Design Challenge

  Technology is always useful but, in terms of home design, it’s not always the easiest to work with. Some technology is still large and clunky, but it’s something you need to plan and take into account. There's no point having a well decorated room, for instance, if your large TV simply goes against the décor.

Of course, this is an improvement being seen in modern technology. Modern gadgets, such as computers and smartphones, are being recognised as fashionable items, with designs to match. Technology no longer looks out of place, and is becoming more and more expected, even in the home.

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A prime example of design beneficial technology has to be Wi-Fi. Wireless options are always preferred, as its very difficult, if at all, to blend wires and cables into any home. No matter how clean or organised a room is, the messy wires only stand out and break away from any clean aesthetic. If you want to reduce your wires and have better internet access, you can click here to learn more about available Wi-Fi options. Wireless options are much more practical in this regard, but it’s not the only benefit.

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Wireless devices are commonplace. Tablets, laptops and smart devices are often used over the typically personal computer, and these require Wi-Fi. As such, getting these devices connected allows you to move around and be more comfortable, both in the home and when you're out. This is much more suitable for the average busy lifestyle we lead in these modern times.

Large devices

That said, how do you plan around those devices that can't be moved? From a financial standpoint, it’s easy to find the best internet deals, but from a design aspect, what do you do with computers and TVs?

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For computers, it’s no surprise that the home office is becoming more and more important. This gives you a dedicated room for both your computer and the router; modern routers can power the whole house and, with your wireless devices, it need only be connected to the computer (keeping the wires and cables to a minimum).

As for the TV, its use dictates that it goes in a well lived-in room, such as the front room. It’s often the centre of attention, with furniture pushed around it. Again, modern technology such as catch up TV and Youview ensures that it continues to be of high use in family life. Fortunately, more modern designs ensure TVs are sleek and smooth, with subtle black designs to help blend in.