Hello all my friends in London and Happy Thanksgiving! I am with my family, my big family in Florida and we have been talking and preparing recipes all week along with shopping for good food and decorations for the table. We all contribute to the feast, my sister is cooking the turkey and vegetables, my Mom preparing her divine mashed potatoes and gravy and I have cooked the pies: 2 pumpkin, an apple and a blueberry and a pear and almond tart. Plus there are cranberries and cornbread. A Thanksgivng feast.

We gather from all over, from Vermont, from New YorkΒ  to London to come together. It is the holiday I enjoy most because it is about family and food and some good wine. And the conversations, we will discuss much, the latest movies and books we have seen and read, the latest adventures of all and a must, the latest gossip. Must have the gossip.


But a time to come together and celebrate with food. The preparations fill the house with the smells of cooking, there is the waiting as appetites rise and then we all sit down, must go.......