The Architect and The Painter


A very good gathering last night at Vitra UK with the Design Blog Collective where we saw a showing of the documentary on Charles and Ray Eames, "The Architect and The Painter". A big thanks to Katie, the Design Geek, who arranged for us to see it and the kind and gracious host, Jane Thompson at Vitra in Clerkenwell. I am a long time admirer of the Eames work, their furniture design had an enormous impact on the chairs we sit on today. Here are a few of my favorites:

The film covered the story of how the couple came together, moved to California with the dream to make well designed and affordable furniture. Their collaboration was intimate with Charles providing many of the ideas and Ray providing aesthetics, form, color, line and with enormous input from their informal and relaxed studio in Venice California. They had an ethic that work is play and play is work, their enjoyment came from the close involvement in their many projects, starting in designing and making furniture to photography, film and communications.

The legacy of their work has profoundly influenced the way we approach design today, that good design is a process of making, using tools, materials, line, color and form and to bring pleasure to the user.