The Beauty of Blinds in Summer

However you like to dress your windows, there's a lot to be said for blinds during the summer months. For starters, they can be pulled back fully to reveal as much window as possible so that every little bit of that precious summer light can flood in.  And when temperatures rise (as they will!) and you thow open the window, there is nothing to stop those cooling summer breezes to waft through the house.  They can even bring the garden in, if you choose something like this lovely Laura Ashley design.

laura ashley from blindsdotcome

They are also very handy for controlling the light in summer.  Yes, there is such a thing as too much sun when it's fading the sofa and preventing you from seeing your computer screen.  That's when venetian blinds or plantation shutters come into their own.  The angle of the slats can be angled to direct the light without depriving you of the sun altogether and the added bonus is those beautiful shadows.

norman from blindsdotcome

They are also more economical than yards of fabric.  Especially if you have large windows to dress and you still want some light control and privacy.  The blinds below are all individual for each pane of glass which is a brilliant solution to a large expanse of glass.

levolor from blindsdotcome

They can also set the scene for some very evocative interior schemes.  The Bali blinds below look sensational in a conservatory (where lets face it you definitely will need blinds) with dark woods and asian inspired accessories.

Bali from blindsdotcom