The Beauty of Handmade

Finding and buying handmade items for the home is much easier now than it has been in the past. More people are embracing handmade and it is easy to understand why. oggetto-1 There is something magical about an artisan creating something useful and beautiful out of raw materials such as clay, wood and metal. Handmade products are generally more expensive than mass produced, but it could be argued you are getting more for your money. Handmade pieces have integrity, made by artisans and craftspeople who’ve honed their skills over many years. By using their products we can enjoy a connection with that maker and appreciation of their skill and dedication. It’s also good to know that we have helped them to sustain a living through their craft. Handmade usually equates to quality and with quality comes longevity saving you money in the long run. Handmade also means character and individuality, each piece often slightly different from the next but displaying beauty in it’s imperfection.


oggetto-4 Oggetto is a newly launched online boutique offering a carefully curated collection of stylish homewares with an emphasis on handmade pieces and the artisans and craftspeople who made them. Products are sourced from the UK and around the world that are thoughtfully designed with a simple elegance and timeless appeal.

oggetto-5 To celebrate their launch, Oggetto are offering Heart Home readers 10% off any purchase for one month from now using the code HOME at the checkout.