The Enduring Trend for Freestanding Baths

I think it's probably a fantasy that we all share. To have a bathroom big enough to have a freestanding bath centre stage, where we can lie back and soak away our cares. Even better if it's facing a window with a bit of a view. It's not even unheard of for homeowners to turn an unwanted bedroom into a large family bathroom so that they can realise this dream, and while you might think this would devalue the worth of the house it's actually been known to increase its value in some cases. Home of Abigail Ahern by Graham Atkins Hughes  for Heart Home magazine

Having a large bathroom however does present its own problems. Like where do you run the pipes if the bath is in the centre of the room? The obvious solution is to run the pipes between the joists if it's an upstairs room. Or if the bathroom is downstairs and the floor is solid it's quite a good idea to build a raised platform for the bath. This can actually look quite effective and makes a feature out of a necessity.

James Balston  for Heart Home magazine

And it's the features in a large bathroom that become more important. When you have lots of roomย you don't want to feel as if you are surrounded by lots of empty space with no focal point, so although the bath maybe taking centre stage it does have to be given some supporting actors too. This is the case whether the style of your bath is contemporary or more traditional.

Home of Kate Watson-Smyth by James Balston for Heart Home magazine

A fireplace is perfect in this role. You don't have to necessarily have to light a fire every time you take a bath (although wouldn't that be lovely in winter?) but it is a great focal point filled with flowers. Add a mirror above and it can look quite stunning.

Paul Craig  for Heart Home magazine

If you don't have the luxury of an open fire it's probably a good idea to make a feature of the vanity unit instead. Not only a practical use of all that space but something for the eye to alight on when you are soaking away.

All images have been taken from recent issues of Heart Home magazine.

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