The Leaf-It: A Seasonal Sticky Note

As we've watched the fantastic Autumnal hues infiltrate our neighbourhoods and local parks over the past few weeks with their blazing hues of fiery reds, oranges and yellows, there's nothing sadder than then watching them rapidly tumble to the ground in their final scene of glory. Never has a swan song been so beautiful and dramatic than that of November's. brown leaves Leaf-It sticky notes from Shelf These may not be the newest designed sticky note on the block but they are by far the most seasonally appropriate.ย However, with the brown autumnal Leaf It sticky notes you can enjoy Autumn all the way through to the splendid first shoots of Spring, when you get to swap the brown for the green Summer leaves Leaf-It! Hurrah!

summer leaves Leaf- it sticky notes from Shelf

The Leaf-It sticky note is available to buy from one of my favourite little independent shops, Shelf. A favourite for many, especially the east London locals, who liked nothing better to visit their old shop on Cheshire St., just off Brick Lane, to while away time on a Sunday afternoon. But fear not, for Shelf are going strong in their cyber shop and are busy devoting time to developing new lines and their own products for our enjoyment and titillation in due course.

brown Leaf-It sticky note close up green Leaf-It sticky note close up

images taken from Shelf's website