The Linen Works


Linen, from the flax plant, it is one of the oldest fibers in the world. It has been found along the Nile. Strong, yet smooth, hard wearing but soft and absorbent enough to wipe our hands and mouth. It makes wonderful cloths for the kitchen. Napkins, serviettes, tea towels, table cloths and that is just in the kitchen. For the bedroom, linen is the best for sheets. The Linen Works has a collection of textiles for the kitchen made of this strong fabric. They have a collection like it has come out of time and period of rural France, many years ago; a drape of white linen with stripes along the borders in red, blue and gray. The images convey summers in Provence.



The linens also come with the drawn thread borders on table cloths, giving a touch of elegance for a special dinner. We can get these beautiful textiles from, some of their new items.

It is one of the oldest fibers, it is also one of the most beautiful fibers, making every table, every bed classy and elegant.