The Little Touches That Make a House a Home

If you think that spending thousands of pounds on a brand new room in your house could be the way to breathe new life into a tired-looking home, you may end up very disappointed indeed. The sad thing about ambitious projects is the more money that's spent, the more money can be wasted. In the worst-case scenario, it could simply fail outright - the design may not actually fit like you want it to; this is particularly the case with kitchens and bathrooms. Instead, it may be worth focusing on smaller, cheaper changes to breathe new life into a room. All it takes is a little bit of knowhow and common sense to see where you can improve existing fittings. Without further ado, here are a few top tips that people have followed in the past - and with great results!

Changing the little fixings

Instead of basic and somewhat boring door handles, or simple knobs on cupboards, consider getting something altogether more attractive from a specialist in metals, as companies like this have been able to create some great, timeless designs that will make a massive impact despite a small physical presence.

Paint the cupboards

The kitchen is by far one of the most expensive things to decorate, and it's a bit of a false economy when you think about it - many "deluxe" cupboards and units are effectively made from chipboard and veneer. Instead, why not work with what you've got and put a new lick of paint on them, or a vinyl covering with a nice pattern? So long as you choose something that can be applied properly to the surface, you're onto a winner.

Speaking of paint…

Why not just paint a room a different colour? As we've all learned from showrooms and shopping centres, sometimes you only need to do one wall anyway; these so-called accent walls can really inject an entirely new feel in a room.

And finally, storage

In order to cut down on clutter and display things in a different way, consider an investment in shelving, under-furniture storage or even a basic unit. These can make a room feel completely fresh - and with minimal investment!

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