The May dbcollective Meetup.

For anyone not already in the know, the dbcollective is a group of  UK-based design bloggers who meet to exchange ideas, learn from each other and promote social media in design in the UK.

From the left, Arianna (Co Editor in Chief of Heart Home magazine and Arianna Interiors), Jenny (Design Trends), Michaela, aka Pargy (Pop, Art, Rock Girl, Yeah!) and Pippa (Pippa Jameson Interiors).

From the left, Ellie (In Pursuit of Loveliness), Rona (Flowerona) and Eunice (Heaven in a Wildflower).

From left, Kelly (Light, Color, Design), Joanna (Stylists Own) and Katie (Confessions of a Design Geek).

If anyone would like to come to the next meetup, scheduled for the third week in June, you can visit the dbcollective facebook page or leave a message on twitter using #dbcollective.